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From development to production, we are here to transmit your ideas into a stunning visual representation for your audience.

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Harper Culture 2022
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Harper County Transition to Career
DewEze - Squeeze Out Hunger Campaign
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Boot Hill Casino Commercial
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Sunflower Electric Power Cooperation
Boot Hill Casino - Celebrating 10 Years
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Kiowa County Memorial Hospital
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Innovators West - Product Demo Series
Satanta Hospital (:30)


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Video Recording




Pre-Production can be one of the the most challenging stages in any project, from deciding on format to choosing locations it's all really important.  Getting this part right sets the course for the rest of the project.

And now for the fun part!  Getting out and creating your vision is exciting!  Shooting the footage of your project is where our team excels.  It takes a creative eye to capture the best possible video to tell your story in a visual medium.  We take pride ind doing that  at a very high level.

Many will say, this is where the magic happens and they would be right!  Footage is just footage until it is put together by an editing artist.  We deliver HD and 4K video files for you to share with the world!

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Each and every project I do with KCMC Pro Video exceeds my expectations.  The crew is prompt, courteous, creative and responsible.  They show the upmost professionalism towards the integrity of a project while always working to a budget and timeline.

Jessica Rabe | Sr. Director of Marketing



Seth has directed projects in over 8 countries including Syrian refugees on the boarder of Lebanon, Rwandan school initiatives to fight poverty, and migrants in Italy. His passion for authenticity lends him to find true compelling stories without injecting meaning, drawing out the beauty of what already exists. 

The unique challenges faced with productions abroad has allowed Seth to apply that knowledge to the commercial world.  Seth is based out of Wichita and works on projects all through the Midwest. 

Seth Binford


Grant has been with the company the longest at 10 years.  He serves as the management for project initiation and development.  His formal education is in video production and he works on several projects in that area along side the management duties.

Grant Neuhold


Ali keeps everything organized and all the finances in order.   She is a critical part of making sure your project is handled appropriately when it comes to accounts and billing.

Ali Brensing


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